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Yes, this will be another blog about quarantine. I’m sure you’ve seen tons of these. People talking about being lonely, missing their families, or going “to heck” with COVID restrictions on activity. As cliche as it sounds, I have found more of myself through quarantine.

For backstory, I am a 24-yr old college student majoring in Gender and sexuality. I got laid off from a shift supervisor position in a company back in May because of COVID restrictions and have been on unemployment ever since. I live with my fiance, my little sister, and my 3 cats. One of which…

The response we see can kill.

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While browsing my daily twitter feed during this year’s Suicide Prevention month, I came across a horrible news story that as someone who is also on the autism spectrum, shook me to my emotional core.

A distraught mother called a police crisis intervention team in Glendale, Utah to intervene in a meltdown that her 13-year-old son was having, because he doesn’t know how to regulate his emotions, and he just needed help. …

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When I was a teen, I didn’t think I could be an activist.

For one, I didn’t know what that would entail at the time. Two, I thought that I didn’t have enough confidence to stand up for others.

I had this crippling fear of people not liking me, or cutting me off completely. I felt as though because some of those close to me didn’t approve, then I was on the wrong side.

I’m 24 now, and activism isn’t comfortable. It’s not supposed to be. It’s abundantly clear that the myth of “sides” is just that, a myth. …

How can they work together?

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Writing fiction requires the comprehension to see multiple points of view in relation to a storytelling perspective. Not only are you taking into consideration multiple audiences (those reading, the publishers, yourself, those the readers recommend it to, the characters in the stories themselves, the critics), you are also fitting these audiences into your narrative. Sometimes at the expense of your plot.

This is what can make fiction writing feel stuck, in a rut, or feeling like you can’t get anywhere with the story. …

Frequently Asked Questions — the Nonbinary Edition

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Below are some commonly asked questions from Cisgender folks. Some questions answered and some not because we don’t ‘have’ to explain our gender or lack thereof to anyone, but I love spreading knowledge. These are my personal answers as I understand things and they don’t represent the whole community.

Q: What is Nonbinary?

A: What is the meaning of life? Being Nonbinary is everything and nothing all at once. It’s the feeling of being in-between, lack thereof, or added on top of something. Someone who is Nonbinary could be Agender, Bi-gender, Demi-gender, Genderfluid, or a Nonbinary girl or boy, as well as many others…

Are You Willing?

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Recently I started reading “Unf*ck Yourself" by Gary John Bishop. And as brutal and honest as it is, especially said in his Scottish accent, the first chapter was easy to accept. Sure, I gotta grab myself by the bootstraps and change my life. Of course, I can do this.

The second chapter came, however, and boy did I have a lot to sort out in my head. He talks of willing in this chapter and whether or not you are, willing that is to decide to be happy, to decide to stop holding grudges or blaming your…

Anyone who lives in the suburbs of a large city has felt the struggle of going to the big city only to be shocked having to constantly ask for bathroom keys, pins, or buy something before you’re allowed a wee. Why is this? Safety? Profit? Staffers not wanting to clean the bathroom?

I feel like we are running out of places to ‘just be’. You’ll say, Rhian we have always had a place.

The library! But even librarians keep an eye on loiterers, and some have even made cafes inside them to make extra money because the local government doesn’t…

Do something you like to do every day, let yourself feel good and have fun.

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Being off work for a month for mental health was extremely boring, and felt like I wasn’t doing anything. I started to give myself horrible thoughts against myself and tell myself that I don’t deserve this time that I am getting to heal, which was completely untrue. One way I found to combat this was to do at least one thing I like to do per day.

Most have probably heard the typical saying of, “Exercise and you’ll feel better!”, well that’s not inclusive advice to give everyone. Not everyone has the stamina or motivation to exercise every day. Or…

Our community can be family, but sometimes family is toxic.

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The LGBTQ community has had another frustrating, tear-filled year. With the current administration in the U.S. giving us hell to pay, it’s hard not to give in to the divisiveness that the country is in right now. Unfortunately, this has led to people in our own community policing and red-lighting others, especially with ‘newer’ micro-identities every year and everyone trying to find their place.

Taking Sides

‘TERF’ has been a controversial word this year, and will probably continue into the new year as there will always be those who mask their transphobia with phony acceptance. ‘Terf’ means Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Personally, I…

When Anxiety and Dysphoria collide, ugly thoughts abide.

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“What’s that?”, my top surgeon said as she examined my chest. She was staring at the sores on the sides and middle of my breasts, eyeing them suspiciously.

“Oh, I just pick at my chest. Um, anxiety ya know.” She seemed content with that answer. But did she know? Probably not. I can’t imagine most top surgeons even understanding the complex feelings that come with having dysphoria unless they’re trans themselves. It can be debilitating.

Truth is, I do pick at, scratch and rub my chest around the breasts. …

Rhian Beam

Nonbinary Autistic Blogger, Cat Parental Unit. Pronouns: They/Ze. Former Writer for Thi-nk Queerly-RIP. I write about my queer cryptid experience.

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